Fitness + Food = Smarts

We’re on board with First Lady Michelle
Obama’s campaign against childhood
obesity! An important part of that
action plan calls for better
school lunches.

That’s why we’re proud to offer
the kids in our community a
nutritious pizza that’s loaded
with good stuff to keep their
bodies yumming and humming
all day long.


Why pizzaBOGO
& why NOW!

Our organic Whole Wheat, no sugar added pizza crust is jam packed with fibers and healthful natural goodies.
(White flour dough is available too.)

pizzaBOGO’s wide array of international pizza specialties broadens kids’ knowledge and natural curiosity of world cultures. You can even tie them in with their geography, history and current events studies.

Kidilicious Choices

Fan Favs
Food Fads


New Gen

It’s no surprise that BOGO is a kids’ favorite. After all, we are the New Generation Pizza Brand that not only understands what kids want, we’re also in sync with what they need for healthy, strong bodies and active lifestyles.

Pizzanomics 101: Makin' the grade!

Efficiency + Delivery = A+

Lunch, done! We’ve perfected a unique system of
delivering the highest quality fresh pizzas
with A+ rated service.

Every process is streamlined and every team member
is trained to deliver excellence.

We call it our “red carpet treatment” with your staff
and kids playing the starring roles.

GOTreal cheese.
And we mean real from the dairy. Nothing is
frozen or shipped cross country. Our cheese is
freshly made for pizzaBOGO’s high
standards of quality.

We have the largest array of fresh-cut vegetarian
toppings you’ll find anyplace, prepared daily for
each pizza. Kids won’t even know they're
eating spinach!

GOTpremium meat.
We use top-quality, whole muscle chicken, beef
and turkey, with the least amount of fat
to maximum flavor.